Dryer Vent Cleaning


A lot of people aren’t aware the dust collected on the surface of dryer lint can accumulate further down and clog the dryer vent itself. You may not realize the seriousness of a clogged dryer event until it decides to blow up. We have enough fire incidents as it is, and surely a blown up HVAC fire is not what we need in our homes. Any dryer vent is not a subject that can be taken lightly. A recent report revealed by the US Fire Administration stated the country witnesses over 13,000 fire incident due to uncleaned dryer vents blowing up. Knowing the severity, it is only wise to get the dryer vent cleaned. Neither a choked dryer vent nor a clogged one helps your air quality or a healthy environment at home.

Leading in the industry of air duct cleaning, Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning has helped hundreds of homes get their air quality restored. Trust Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning to get your dryer vent cleaned, and for that all you need to do is call us on 682-970-6166.

Why you can never ignore a clogged dryer vent?

It’s highly unsafe: The lint within your HVAC is made up of short fibers of yarn and fabric, hence it allows for the easy accumulation of dust in the dryer vent. This in turn prevent the free airflow from the dryer to the vent outside the house. Now that’s when things can get pretty ugly, and the dryer can get overheated and will fire up. The lint is combustible and hence even a little mishap or spark can cause it to fire up. The lint has to go and the debris has to be removed completely and that’s the only way to reduce fire-related incidents.

It is unhealthy: Anyone who has experienced mold growth in their homes know how bad things get. When the airflow is restricted within the HVAC, the area becomes humid and provides a perfect home for mold formation, which eventually begins to spread all around the house. A gas dryer causes more trouble because when the vent is left to be dirty, then leakage of carbon monoxide is quite common to be observed, causing trouble to the ventilation system.

It can compromise your dryer’s efficiency: Any dryer vent does not do well if it gets choked. The clothes dryer vent overheats and in turn affects the quality of your clothes too. More heat equals to a broken dryer that does not have any of its components in a perfect condition. Clean dryer vents will prevent overheating, and save you all the trouble. 

Three signs that your vent is choked

  1. Frequent shutdowns and excessive heating.
  2. Takes longer to dry clothes.
  3. Ample amount of lint left behind on the dryer/clothing.

Call Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning at the first sign of trouble:

Our professionals use extremely advanced equipment to clean the dryer vents in the finest manner and ensure that there is no lint left behind.

Our refined vacuum equipment will ensure that all the debris and lint is removed, and finally we shall inspect the dryer vents to check for other issues with it. Some of common issues that could affect the airflow include bends, crevices and elbows, also formation of fungi can be a bad problem. Checking it all, our experts from Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning will get things sorted.

Our dryer vent cleaning services include:

  • Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning Roanoke, TX 682-970-6166Sanitization
  • Multi-Unit Dryer Cleaning
  • Lint Screen Cleaning
  • Clearing clogged vent and debris removal
  • Booster Fan Cleaning
  • Visual Inspection
  • Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Vents Measurement

And more

Protect your family by clearing your dryer vents! All you need to do is call Roanoke TX Air Duct Cleaning on 682-970-6166 as long as you are a resident of Roanoke, TX area!